Primatech 250 Series Expert Pneumatic Fastener

Primatech Pneumatic Fasterners are packed full of innovative features, the reinforced high-strength aluminum head casing offers reliability, extended performance and unequalled smoothness of operation. Close-tolerance parts assembly and a new cylinder design are indeed a great added value for the discriminating user. The PrimSurfer roller base fulfills the need for increased speed and precision in large surface as well as residential flooring jobs. Its two-way fluid sideshift extends the natural hand movement and matches the agility of the installer, allowing a constant, comfortable posture that helps eliminate ‘’top nailing’’. Not having to lift the tool repeatedly eases off the feeling of tension in the user’s arm and back. PrimSurfer also provides a substantial gain in time and installed surface, which translates into more benefits for the contractor. Availabe with a fixed or adjustable base in both cleat and stapler versions. Fixed base version does 3/4″ flooring. Adjustable base does 5/8″ to 7/8″ flooring. Gym Version does 3/4″ to 33/32″ flooring.

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